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Many employers recognize there’s more to employee’s lives than work. Stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma affect all aspects of life, including job satisfaction and performance.

So, many companies use Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to support employees with life difficulties. An EAPs goal is to catch problems before they escalate and become overwhelming.

But, many employees don’t know about the benefits their company’s program offers. This article will answer the question, what is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? We’ll also cover how and when to use an EAP-and how they can help your financial health.

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

The sun is setting a little earlier each night and there’s a hint of fall in the air. But I’m squeezing every minute out of summer that I can! And one of the new activities I’ve really enjoyed recently is spinning.

Spinning is a group cycling exercise class. I started spinning at my local YMCA at the suggestion of a friend and now I’m hooked!

After months of attending spinning at least 4–5 times a week, I thought I’d share some takeaways connecting personal finance and my summer fitness routine.

5 Money Lessons From a Summer of Spinning

1. Spending money on a gym membership is totally worth…

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How are you storing your valuable items and important documents?

Everyone has something of value that needs safeguarding, such as passports, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and family heirlooms.

You can keep your valuables at home in a shoebox hidden under a loose floorboard, but that storage method usually only works in the movies and often not very well.


While enjoying coffee with a friend, she told me that she was considering changing financial advisers. As we were talking it brought to mind many of the frustrations I had when managing a financial advisory business.

It’s very hard to get clients and advisers on the same page.

My friend listed two main concerns. First, she said she didn’t think her investments were performing well. They certainly weren’t beating the market, and the investments she manages herself in her 401(k) had performed better.

Second, she didn’t feel like she had a good understanding of whether she and her husband were…

Whether you’ve just started a new solo business venture or you’ve been an entrepreneur for years, it’s wise to consider all the advantages of using a business credit card.

Sole proprietors and small business owners are often so busy running their companies they overlook the usefulness of corporate credit cards while growing their revenue.

Yet anyone who owns a small company — no matter the type or size — should consider adding a business credit card as a financial resource. The benefits of using one include:

  • separating your personal and business finances
  • utilizing card membership only perks such as discounts…

Meal prepping is a big food trend these days, especially on sites like Instagram, where influencers layout beautiful pictures of perfectly portioned meals for the week.

And there’s a reason preparing your meals in advance has become such a big trend; it can save you big in time, calories, and money.

There are several different ways you can meal prep.

The Basics of Meal Prepping

Or you…

Saving more money means reaching your money goals faster. The good news is, there are thousands of money-saving ideas to help you save on everything!

Indeed, cutting expenses and saving on purchases is a great way to build savings faster. Yet there are times when finding more ways to spend less just isn’t worth it.

When your search for additional savings opportunities costs you time and money, take a closer look to see if it really makes sense.

What’s the value of your time?

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) services are rising in popularity with consumers. Services such as Sezzle, Afterpay, and Klarna let shoppers break up their payments into interest-free installments and take their purchases home the same day.

With so many consumers opting in and many services to choose from, it seems like BNPL services might be a good way to pay.

Point-of-sale installment loans appear to be a no-brainer for shoppers on a budget. But it’s essential to understand how these products work.

While these programs offer attractive benefits, they aren’t the right fit for many shoppers.

(Please note, this page…

Why invest more than the men in your life

According to the same survey, almost 75% of men invest in the stock market while only 51% of women invest.

The reality is that in order for women to prepare for the future and make sure they’re well taken care of, they need to put their money to work. …

Most of us have at least some medical bills each year. And with the rising cost of medical care, they can add up even when you have health insurance.

The good news is, most people with employer health plans have access to tax-deductible medical savings accounts. HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs are different accounts that help you pay for healthcare costs tax-free.

Any medical savings account is better than none. But each type of account has essential differences.

Below, we’ll compare the difference between a health care FSA and an HSA (and describe an HRA). …

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