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If you have an outdated or unfinished basement, you probably think about its possibilities.

Maybe you dream of using it as an extra living space for your family. Or perhaps you think it could add value to your home.

Whatever the reason, you might wonder if it’s worth it to remodel a basement.

  • Will it pay off in enjoyment and/or when selling your home?
  • How will it affect resale value?
  • Should you hire contractors or DIY?
  • And what else do you need to consider?

There’s a lot to think about! But this article will help you answer your questions. Below…

Congratulations! You just got married! Maybe you even tied the knot without spending a fortune (now that is truly a feat). Regardless, you managed to get married in the middle of a global pandemic, so you deserve major kudos.

Now what?

As a newly-christened household, there are financial steps you and your partner need to take to make sure you’re legally and financially starting off on the right foot.

Newlywed Legal and Financial Considerations

Changing Your Name

Ahh, the romantic considerations of… a name change.

In Western culture, a woman has traditionally taken the last name of her partner. …

Have you ever taken a cross-country trip without a second thought about a potential health emergency?

What about when traveling abroad?

Most of us assume our health insurance fully covers an emergency when we are away from home, but medical coverage varies by provider.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned the hard way about medical insurance, it’s that insurance doesn’t cover everything you might expect.

It’s important to know whether your medical insurance will cover you if you’re in a different county, state, or another country.

So, no matter if you’re planning a staycation with day trips around your state…

Financial planning might sound boring. Yet what it can do for your financial future is anything but dull.

A financial plan is a guide for reaching your goals and dreams-it gives you a picture of where you’re at, where you want to go, and how to get there.

The good news is, financial planning helps anyone, no matter their financial situation. And creating a plan is easier than ever.

You most likely have access to the resources, tools, and information necessary to get started.

Below, we’ll cover the various parts of financial planning and discuss how to create a plan.

You made it through the job search and interview process and just accepted a fantastic job offer — congratulations!

Take a moment to celebrate the occasion and be proud of yourself.

After patting yourself on the back, you’ve got more to do before starting your new job.

Now that you’ve secured a new role, you need to prepare for your first day. We’ll show you how to begin a new position successfully.

There are two phases to preparing for your new job: before your first day and your first day. …

Congratulations on finishing college and entering the workforce! Life after school is exciting. But it can also be overwhelming.

There’s so much to do to establish your adult life after college. So, where do you start?

Don’t worry; we’re here for you with some practical advice to begin your post-grad years.

Let’s take a look at 9+ money-related things to do after earning a college degree and starting your new career. You’ll be “adulting” in no time.

9 Steps to Starting Your Financial Journey Post-Graduation

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1. Learn Financial Terms

Now that you’re an adult and…

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you against the high cost of property damage. But just because you have home insurance doesn’t mean you have protection from all disasters and mishaps.

For example, most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding.

Yet flood damage in the U.S. totals each year, leaving some homeowners to face thousands of dollars in uncovered flood damage. (Unless they have a separate flood insurance policy.)

If your policy doesn’t list it, it’s probably not covered. And if you haven’t read the fine print, you might not know if you’re protected!

You can’t protect yourself from everything that…

One of the biggest concerns those self-employed, unemployed, or early retired have is how to pay for healthcare.

According to EHealth, the average non-subsidized healthcare plan for a family of four was $1437 per month in 2020. And that is just the cost of premiums!

An alternative health coverage choice that’s become popular in the last few decades is the health care sharing ministry.

What is a Health Care Sharing Ministry?

A health share ministry program is not insurance. There are no insurance agents or insurance companies involved.

Instead, it’s a membership-based non-profit program where members with common religious beliefs share the expense of each others’ medical…

Having a budget is a big part of building your financial house. Still, budgeting is easier said than done.

For many people, starting a budget can feel overwhelming. And for the folks who have tried budgeting, some don’t stick with it. For others, it seems too restrictive, stressful, and full of budgeting obstacles.

We’ve all been there!

Starting and maintaining a budget — or spending plan — can be challenging. And it’s easy to make mistakes and give up.

But by knowing the typical budgeting pitfalls, you can take steps to make sure they don’t thwart your financial goals.


You’ve been searching for a new job for a while, submitting countless resumes, talking with multiple recruiters, and networking as much as possible.

Finally — you get the call. An invitation to interview for a role you’d love.

Here’s how to ace that interview — and get your target salary.

How to Prepare for Your Interview

While you can’t guarantee the desired outcome, there’s a lot you can do to set yourself up for success at your upcoming interview.

Here are five steps you should include in your interview prep routine:

Get the Details

Obviously, you need to know when and where the interview will take place. But, the…

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