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Are you looking for ways to add some wiggle room to your monthly budget?

Reevaluating your monthly expenses and reducing monthly subscriptions and bill payments are two effective ways to do this.

When you feel like you’re paying too much for utilities, internet fees, and other recurring bills but can’t figure out how to pay less, a bill negotiation service might be the perfect solution.

What’s a Bill Negotiation Service?

A bill negotiation service does exactly that. It’s a service that helps customers shave the fat from their monthly budgets by negotiating lower prices and reduced fees.

There are numerous negotiation services with specific criteria…

Congratulations! Perhaps you’ve just become a new mother. Or maybe you’re just starting to get your finances in order. Either way, these are both important milestones that deserve recognition.

As a parent, your number one priority is most likely saving for your kids’ future and providing them with a better life.

In fact, according to a Harris Poll/UNest Survey, 93% of parents with kids under 17 would make self-sacrifice if it meant their child would have a healthier nest egg.

While it’s immensely important to provide your child with a healthy cushion to pay for college or other life goals…

With a record-high stock market and low-interest rates from the Federal Reserve, inflation if not already here, seems to be right around the corner.

Inflation, a general increase in prices for goods and services, which reduces the purchasing power of money, may sound scary.

Yet inflation, at least in moderation, is part and parcel of a healthy economy.

When consumers think prices will continue increasing over time, they’re more likely to buy products now, rather than waiting until later, when products might be more expensive. This leads to an increase in production, which means more jobs in our economy.


Today’s job market is on fire, giving employees the upper hand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April 30, 2021, there were 9.3 million job openings.

Moving through the third quarter of 2021, record numbers of job openings still exist, making it an ideal time for people to switch companies and engage with new prospects.

Even the most loyal employees might find recent opportunities enticing, but is now a good time to make a move?

Does a strong job market trump employee loyalty?

Why It’s In Your Favor to Be a Loyal Employee

Employee retention isn’t diminishing only because of the recent labor shortage. It’s a…

With the job market on fire, many people are considering switching jobs. While there are plenty of advantages to making a move after some time in a position, you must do so with a plan.

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “job hopper.” It’s a term used to describe people who hop from job to job in relatively short timespans, never staying in a role long enough to settle in.

Job hopping is often considered a negative trait that a potential employer may see as a red flag.

If you’ve held several jobs over a short period, does this mean…

Home improvement projects are gaining in popularity. According to a 2020 survey by Nerdwallet, over 60% of homeowners made home improvements over the last year.

And kitchens have the broadest appeal of any home improvement project.

But renovating a kitchen is a big task. It’s more expensive than many projects. And the kitchen is the heart of the home, so when it’s out of order, you have to deal with the daily mess and chaos.

So, if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you have to decide if it’s worth it. …

Have you ever been sexually harassed at work? If so, you’re not alone.

NPR reports that 38% of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

If you’ve been in this situation, you may not have known how to react.

It’s a confusing, complicated time that’s difficult to navigate. It can be exhausting and emotionally draining.

You must also consider the financial impact sexual harassment can have on your life. What if you need to take time off work? Or make a job change?

Here’s how you can take action now.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can mean different things to different people…

Storms such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Imelda are happening with greater frequency and greater intensity every year.

The World Health Organization lists floods as the #1 natural disaster in the world.

The NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, predicts that the rainfall and intensity of hurricanes will increase significantly in the coming years.

Thousands have lost their homes or have had severe damage due to hurricanes, severe storms, and associated flooding. Many people have lost not only their homes but their life savings also in these tragedies because their insurance didn’t cover flood damage.

  • Do you…

If you have an outdated or unfinished basement, you probably think about its possibilities.

Maybe you dream of using it as an extra living space for your family. Or perhaps you think it could add value to your home.

Whatever the reason, you might wonder if it’s worth it to remodel a basement.

  • Will it pay off in enjoyment and/or when selling your home?
  • How will it affect resale value?
  • Should you hire contractors or DIY?
  • And what else do you need to consider?

There’s a lot to think about! But this article will help you answer your questions. Below…

Congratulations! You just got married! Maybe you even tied the knot without spending a fortune (now that is truly a feat). Regardless, you managed to get married in the middle of a global pandemic, so you deserve major kudos.

Now what?

As a newly-christened household, there are financial steps you and your partner need to take to make sure you’re legally and financially starting off on the right foot.

Newlywed Legal and Financial Considerations

Changing Your Name

Ahh, the romantic considerations of… a name change.

In Western culture, a woman has traditionally taken the last name of her partner. …

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