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5 min readJun 20, 2022

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There are over 2 million active podcasts worldwide. While I have no idea how many center on personal finance, the number of choices feels overwhelming.

Time is a scarce resource, so how do you decide which ones are actually worth your investment?

The five personal finance podcasts featured below are consistently excellent. Each is educational, practical, and at times provocative.

The advice offered is thoughtful and well-researched, taking the listener beyond the usual, often shallow, personal finance bromides.

5 Fantastic Money Podcasts Worth a Listen

Presented in alphabetical order:

Afford Anything, hosted by Paula Pant

The introduction of each show — “You can afford Anything, but not everything” — sets the tone for this reliably interesting, thoughtful show.

Approaching 400 episodes, Afford Anything covers the waterfront of topics: investing, budgeting, retirement, and career.

Episodes vary between extended format interviews (such as the excellent Episode #383: “How to Talk Money with Confidence and Charisma”) and responses to questions listeners submit.

What makes this a “must listen” podcast is that Pant probes the assumptions that underlay listener questions.

There’s rarely if ever, a definite “Yes/No” answer to a listener question. Instead, you get an exploration of the options the question presents.

Pant is perhaps best known for her role in the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community, with particular expertise in real estate investing.

If real estate investing interests you, this podcast is a requirement as she often devotes deep dive episodes to themed topics, such as the particulars of long-distance real estate investing.

Pant also offers a real estate investing course from time to time — Your First Rental Property. It will be open for enrollment again on June 21, 2022.

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