Is a Long Distance Move Right for You? (Considerations and Action Steps)

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10 min readSep 19, 2022

The decision to move a long distance can be life-changing. And while it’s exciting to think about a new job or locale, there’s also a lot of uncertainty.

Uprooting your life to embrace new ventures can be challenging. And there’s a lot to consider when making a big move. That’s why it’s wise to research all your options before making a significant decision.

So, if you’re trying to decide whether to relocate a long way from your current home, you’re in the right place.

This guide covers what to consider and actions you can take to make the best decision for you (and your family).

How to decide on relocating: Do your research.

Deciding to relocate long distance is a high-impact decision-and it’s not only about a new job, house, or city.

Moving far away affects nearly every aspect of your professional, personal, and family life. And any decision that shapes your future and the future of your loved ones deserves your attention.

So it’s worth exploring all options and possible outcomes before deciding. The more questions you ask, the better your information and your decision.

Of course, you might have a gut feeling about making a move. But it’s wise to rely on more than your intuition, as it can lead you astray if you don’t seek facts and clarity.

Many people also turn to a pros-and-cons list for significant decisions. But they can be more biased than you might think (and work best for less impactful choices).

According to Harvard Business Review, pros-and-cons lists are prone to “ cognitive biases, wishful thinking, self-limiting beliefs, and similar barriers to objectivity…

In other words, you might subconsciously make up your mind before starting the list. And, even if you don’t realize it, that influences what you put in the “pros” and “cons” columns.

So, what’s the best way to make such a high-impact decision?

Instead of using only intuition or pros-cons lists, dig into the facts and try to let go of preconceived ideas.

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