Launching Financial Grownups — Book Review

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6 min readAug 1, 2022

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One of the most challenging jobs in life is parenting.

Besides just keeping our children fed, clothed, and clean, there’s so much we need to teach them about life, from how to care for themselves to having healthy relationships with others.

And that’s where this book comes in. Launching Financial Grownups: Live Your Richest Life by Helping Your (Almost) Adult Kids Become Everyday Money Smart is a guide for parents who want to help their kids learn important money skills and develop positive money habits.

Written by Certified Financial Planner Bobbi Rebell, this book will help you teach your younger kids about money and assist you in preparing your older ones to become financially independent adults, no matter your own level of knowledge on personal finance.

Who is Bobbi Rebell?

Bobbi Rebell is a personal finance expert, two-time author, award-winning TV anchor and journalist, and host of the popular Money Tips for Financial Grownups podcast.

Her experience includes stints as a personal finance columnist and business news anchor at Reuters, a reporter for PBS, and a producer for CNN and CNBC.

Bobbi’s also the author of the best-selling personal finance book, How To Be a Financial Grownup — Proven Advice From High Achievers on How To Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom.

And just as importantly, if not more, she’s mom/step-mom to three kids, one who’s successfully launched, one in college still preparing to launch, and one younger teen.

In this book, Bobbi shares relevant stories, including money mistakes and personal setbacks, important money discussions, and actionable solutions for parents.

The information she shares comes from her own launching and parenting experiences and those from several parenting and money experts she’s interviewed.

A Look Inside Launching Financial Grownups

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