Something To Sell? Try Selling It On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has a Marketplace?

If you are not a Facebook user, you may not have even realized this is a great online option. If you are on Facebook and haven’t seen this yet, type “Marketplace” into the search box. It might surprise you to see all of the buying and selling going on there!

Benefits to Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Here are some of the benefits I found selling on FB Marketplace:

  1. The communication was all done through the FB Messaging app. I only gave out my phone number or address after I had communicated through the messaging and I was comfortable with having someone come to my home to see an item I had for sale. (These were larger items, so there was no way to meet in a parking lot somewhere.)
  2. It felt much safer than using Craigslist. I certainly understand that FB has scams too and that any time you give out information and have strangers come to your home — you could have trouble. Communicating through FB did allow me some level of “screening” though. And I was able to see if the person looking to buy my item had connections to anyone I knew.
  3. There’s a level of accountability for the buyer and seller. You can see how long people have been on FB and if the buyer doesn’t show up or if there are any other problems, you can report people. I haven’t had any experience with the reporting feature, but it is something I see lacking on Craigslist.
  4. In our area, more people seem to be using Facebook than Craigslist to buy and sell. I posted some scaffolding we had used at our house and sold it three hours later. For a very good price. I thought it would take weeks to find a buyer, but that wasn’t the case at all. After selling almost twenty items over the last year, the volume of inquiries is about ten times what we were getting on Craigslist ads.



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