What Is The Best Advice For Returning To The Workforce?

What Happened While You Were Away

You might think it’d be difficult to forget what went on at work on a daily basis. But if you’ve since been involved with new projects, were too ill to keep on top of the latest updates in your field, or if your focus shifted away from what you did at work — a lot might have happened while you were gone.

Before Starting Your Job Search

When you first start considering a return to work, it’s important to pause before rushing to send in applications or resumes. Take time to think about the type of work you want to do. Consider the schedule work requires and the work-life balance related to specific careers and positions you want to pursue.

Six Important Pieces of Advice for Returning to Work

When you’ve decided which professional field or career path you plan to reenter and the types of jobs you are going to apply for, step back and pause again. There is still a little more work you need to complete before applying, to increase your chance of landing a position.

Be Proactive.

You already know this may be a difficult transition, so do what you can ahead of time to be ready. For most people, returning to the workforce is a process. You’ll need to update (or create) a resume, write cover letters, and contact references before you complete an application.

Be Connected.

Even if you haven’t had recent contact with your former colleagues or people in your field, this is the time to start reaching out. Take someone you worked with for a coffee or lunch and talk with them about how things have changed. Ask them how you might prepare to return to performing the work you did previously.

Be Flexible.

As you get ready to start working again, consider being flexible in the kinds of jobs you’ll seek. Be open to new challenges and experiences.

Be Prepared.

Similar to being proactive, it’s critical to prepare for any interview you accept. It’s easier than ever to find information on specific companies. Take time to learn about their mission, customers, competitors, and details on how they do business.

Be Confident.

Preparing, being flexible, and taking proactive steps will all help build your confidence! The connections you make before an interview will help deepen your understanding of the company or position so you will be able to speak to it more confidently too.

Be Humble.

There is a strong chance people in leadership, those conducting interviews, and potential new coworkers may be younger and less experienced than you when you return to the workforce.

Tips for SAHMs and SAHDs Returning to Work

If you’re a mom or dad who’s been out of the workforce raising children, you may be behind in terms of keeping up with things such as advances in technology. But when you return to work, you may struggle more with leaving your children and shifting from your parental role back to being an employee who is a parent.

Tips for Older People Reentering the Workforce

In a few years, about 25% of the workforce will be people over the age of 55. There are programs across the country like Back To Work 50+ helping older adults access the training and support they need to get jobs. You may likely be returning to work with people your age or older too!

Tips for Those Reentering the Workforce after a Layoff or Termination

When returning to the job market, you will likely need to acknowledge what happened at your former employer. But avoid any sign of sour grapes. There is no need to offer up all the details of your departure, but you may need to explain simple facts. How you present them will make all the difference.

Tips for People Returning to Work After Difficult Circumstances

If you’ve been out of work for an extended period because of a lengthy illness, an addiction, or because you’ve been caring for sick or elderly relatives — you may be excited to get back to work and into a routine. Just keep in mind the pressure of a job may also cause extra stress you hadn’t anticipated.

Reentering the Workforce

Some people are excited to return to work after an extended leave. They are finding positions and experiencing success right away.



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