Why I Never Want a Forever Home

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5 min readMar 7, 2022

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No matter how hard you try to keep feelings at bay, buying a home can be an emotional decision. And letting emotions influence a big financial decision can have unwanted consequences.

The added pressure to find a forever home can allow emotions to run wild. Then it becomes easier to rationalize overspending, leading to financial stress and inflexibility.

My spouse and I bought six homes in 20 years. And because of these home-buying experiences, I’ve realized I never want a forever home.

Why I Never Want a Forever Home

I now accept that I’ll never stay in one house “forever” ( most people don’t). And, to me, thinking about a home as temporary leads to better decisions and more options.

Nothing lasts forever (i.e., life changes)

Life often changes in unexpected ways. We can’t possibly predict our lives 5, 10, 20 years from now. So, it’s a little unrealistic for many of us to live in any given home forever.

Twice, Alan and I faced life circumstances that led to selling our home within months of buying it. One time, Alan got a new job in a new city. The other time, we had a new baby and needed more space.

Both home sales cost us a lot of money. Between real estate commissions and moving expenses, it added up to thousands.

Since we owned each home for such a short time, they didn’t have time to gain enough value to make it worth it. In truth, the real estate transactions ate up all the equity we had, plus some.

Our situation is an excellent example of why they say you have to live in a home for at least five years to come out ahead.

Not only did buying and selling so soon cost us money, but it was stressful. We had to get ready for showings, make moving arrangements, and decide on our next home too.

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It’s justification for overspending.

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