Women with Money, by Financial Expert, Jean Chatzky [Book Review]

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6 min readMar 30, 2019

Whether the headline of the day is about the gender pay gap, the gender investing gap, or the risks to our retirement — there’s no shortage of news about women and money.

We already knew women tend to take more time out of the workforce to care for our children and aging relatives. And we’re still reminded many women leave a lot of the financial planning to our spouses.

But there is good news too.

More women are now investing in their 401k’s and real estate, negotiating higher salaries, seeking jobs in male-dominated fields, helping each other climb the career ladder, and writing and talking about personal finance.

They also understand the importance of financial independence and planning for retirement.

But women are also conflicted at times about money, success, relationships, and our futures. We need mentors and resources to answer our questions and help us grow not only our understanding of money and how we want to use it but our net worth too.

Women with Money, A New Book By Jean Chatzky

In her new book, Women with Money, award-winning financial expert Jean Chatzky explains that the “women and money narrative” is now being re-written. Chatzky shares some important data about women and money in the introduction of her book:

  • When you include single women who are heads of households, there are more primary women breadwinners than men
  • More women are graduating from college than men
  • Half of all millionaires are women
  • Women will inherit 70% of intergenerational wealth over the next 40 years

Chatzky also states that in just over a decade, women will control about two-thirds of America’s wealth. While acknowledging the financial challenges women face, Jean reminds women we’re also turning the page.

“Women have more money — and more power — than ever before.”

And we plan to use that money and power differently than many men.

Women with Money is a guide to help you better understand your relationship with money and how you can use money…



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